48911 Zip Code

Preferred / Primary City

Lansing, Michigan

Current Time

America/Detroit Time Zone

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Cities within the 48911 Zip Code

The US Post Office accepts mail for the 48911 zip code for the accepted cities below. Often the primary or preferred city may not be the city where the zip code is located, but the city for the 48911 zip code is usually the name of the main post office. When mailing your letters or packages, ensure to include the preferred or acceptable cities. Sending mail not labeled to accepted cities, or cities in the list of unacceptable cities may result in delays in delivery.

Preferred / Primary City

Lansing, MI

48911 Zip Code Overview & Information

The 48911 zip code population is larger (40,566) than the country average (11,077). The median rental unit is priced at $860, while current homes retain a median home value of $104,800. The 48911 zip code has a median income of $49,886, with 17.2% of the population living at or below the poverty line.

You can use the information below to better understand the population, household, and financial statistics for the 48911 Zip Code if you are considering a move to the area, or just want to get a better overview of the Lansing, MI area.

Zip Code Type



Ingham County



Population Density
Population Density

2,339 people per sq. mi.



Median Home Value
Median Home Value


Nedian Rent
Median Rent


Median Income
Median Income


% in Poverty


Land Area
Land Area

17.34 sq. mi.

Water Area
Water Area

0.28 sq. mi.

Latitude and Longitude
Latitude & Longitude

42.67, -84.57

48911 Zip Code Demographics

The people living in the 48911 zip code are predominantly White, with a large percentage of Black / African American individuals. The largest age group are people in their 20s, while the number of middle aged adults (those in their 40s - 60s) make up 35% of the population. The highest education level in the 48911 zip code is primarily a High School Degree.

* The data displayed below is provided by the US Census Bureau

Estimated Population Over the Years

The chart below represents the population changes over the years between 2005 to 2020 in the 48911 Zip Code.

Age Groups


Male 19,208 47.3%
Female 21,358 52.7%


HS Graduate 91.17%
Bachelor's Degree 24.77%
Graduate Degree 9.44%


White 19,653 43.2%
Black / African American 12,160 26.73%
Native / Alaskan American 224 0.49%
Asian 2,415 5.31%
Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 13 0.03%
Latino / Hispanic 4,927 10.83%
Other 1,794 3.94%
Two or More Races 4,307 9.47%